When will I get my Tesla Model 3? Find out exactly when now!

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We’re all wondering… “When am I going to get my Tesla Model 3!?” I’ve built a tool to help you figure out when you’re going to get your model 3! It all started when…

I got call from Musk the other day, and he let me know there was a disturbance in the force. He told me people were getting restless waiting for their Model 3s, and I was chosen to help ease their concerns. So, I decided to give you the power of the force by creating a tool to help you predict when you’ll get your Model 3. Get your delivery date now

All kidding and Tesla superpowers aside, there are several factors that go into determining when your Model 3 will end up in your driveway. Step one in predicting when you’ll receive your Tesla is remembering when you made your reservation. During the Tesla unveiling event, the number of reservations was revealed, and this helped buyers calculate exactly where their place in line is. If you’re an existing Tesla owner, you’re in luck. You will get your Model 3 before general public.

According to Musk’s recent comments at a shareholders event, there are several other clues about how Tesla plans to deliver the Model 3. In a recent tweet, Elon shared:

“[There will] just be a single motor to begin with. And then, we will have the dual motor config, if we are lucky, toward the end of this year or more likely early next.”

So, which options you want with your Model 3, may impact your delivery date. Additionally, based on their previous roll-out strategy and the fact that California is where the Tesla factory is, Californians will likely be the first to get their Model 3s.

The last bit of information needed to determine when you’ll get your Model 3 is your location. This helps to understand the natural delay from their roll-out plan as well as shipping time. For example, in Japan, I’m estimating it takes 41 days just for shipping.

After you’ve entered all your information in my Tesla Model 3 delivery tool, you just need to click the big button. Then, “Tesllllll-YeAh!” You’ll get an estimated delivery date on a beautiful, printable page that you can hang on your wall and share on social media. In case you missed that link, here it is: https://teslanomics.co/model-3-delivery-estimator

A big thanks to Troy and the other folks at Tesla Motors Club for proviing the data and algorithm to come up with these estimates: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-3-delivery-estimator.77890/#post-1748851