Who Killed Teslanomics?

It’s been a long time coming…here’s the story about why I killed the Teslanomics name.

Well yeah, we’re here. Teslanomics is no more. The website’s still around, we’re gonna be migrating that stuff off, but I wanna thank everyone that’s helped me, supported, you know, by watching videos, by donating on Patreon, whatever, whatever. In any way possible, you know, saying hi when you see me out in public, or coming to an event I’m speaking at, whatever it is, it’s been a fun journey, and it’s really just been kind of a crazy one. Man, I mean the community in the Tesla world is pretty special. And it’s one I’m very grateful to have been embraced by. So, obviously the work I’ve done here on YouTube has led to bear a lot of fruit for me and my family. And it’s a journey that I’m gonna continue. It’s not something that’s ending. The only thing that’s really ending right now is the sole kind of blinders on focus on Tesla. Throughout this journey I’ve honed in on what I find is or what I think is the most valuable bit about what I do here on YouTube. And that is to really bring my background and perspective of working in technology for 20 years and being a data analyst for many of those years and how I view the world through that kind of lens of data, to look at the numbers and try to make sense of them. To do that in a way that means you can participate in a more sustainable future, looking at products that are good for the environment and good for you is really the kind of crux of it. That’s what it focuses on. So that’s generally what I describe as sustainable technology. And this came after all the Tesla stuff. And the Tesla stuff was kind of an accident. If you guys followed my channel back then, I mean hey, shout out to you for being here, but it’s kind of a funny history of where I remember I made a video asking for, you know, I’ll do daily Q&A’s, whatever I can, just get me to a thousand subscribers. Hey what’s up data geeks, thanks for hanging out with me today. I’m almost up to a thousand subscribers. Well, not almost, I’m at 665 as I’m posting this and I set a goal when I quit my job as a chief data officer to hit a thousand by the end of the year. So I just wanted to post this quick little update and ask for your help. And then immediately following that I posted my first Tesla video looking at the monthly cost of it and– Hey what’s up data geeks? Today I’ve got kind of a short video for you here. I was doing some analysis recently on the money I’m hopefully saving by– Yeah, it was pretty bad. The audio was good because at the time I was already a content creator making online courses for pluralsight.com which was my former employer before going on my own. And YouTube is just a way to kind of do more, to kind of be more creative. ‘Cause when you make pieces of content that are more highly produced I would say, so Lynda courses, Plural Sight courses, or I mean, hell, if you make a feature film, those kinds of things, the gap between when you make it to when people start to get value out of it and then give you feedback on it is pretty long. I mean at Plural Sight and Lynda I think it would be 3 to 5 months before, I would be done recording and doing all the stuff, and it actually got out to somebody. So you have this kind of weird, you know by the time you start to get that feedback, that’s like ancient history in my head. But YouTube’s not like that. And so I started making those little videos to give people teasers for my online courses and then stumbled upon the Tesla community and I just, like a good data scientist should, I think you find threads of things that work and you continue tugging on those threads until you reach the full ball there, so. I don’t know where that analogy goes but, yeah. Teslanomics is, by killing the name, I’m going to still focus on them ’cause they do so much but also expand what I talk about on this channel. Things that again are right in that line of ways that you can spend your money that will help the environment and you. So, you know, home batteries, again, Tesla. Solar, again Tesla. Electric cars, not only Tesla. It turns out there are a lot of great electric cars out there and I’ve really kind of shunned away from them kinda because of the name but kinda just because I knew people didn’t really care and a lot of times they were really substandard. But I wanna explore those. I wanna go buy a used Fiat 500 E and drive it for a year and see what it’s like. You know I think there’s much more to this picture of living a sustainable life than just this one company. And while Tesla does do great stuff and obviously I’m gonna still talk about that, there’s a lot more that I wanna include. So this train is still going. It’s not gonna change. The focus of the content may broaden a little bit but it’s still right in that realm. So if you’re with me on this journey, please stick around. Because I think, hopefully, the reason you’re here is because of why I’m here. And that is to just leave a better planet than what we came into for future generations. That’s really the whole purpose behind this. If all I wanted to do was make money, this would not be the way to do it. I grew up extremely poor. I mean I was homeless at one point in time when I was a kid with my mom. And to go to where I’m at now to be somewhat financially secure, it feels great. And the instant thing I wanted to do once I kind of hit that point of financial freedom was to give back. And yes, these videos make money. And yes, I have sponsors and that makes money too. But it also costs a lot of money. I have a team now that helps manage and run this whole thing. And they get paid well for the good work that they do. So, you know, this whole thing isn’t just me with a cell phone running around. There’s a lot more going on. So there are a lot of costs here. So don’t think that when I do those thing it’s because I’m greedy, just trying to get rich. I mean, that’s definitely not my motivation whatsoever. And again, if it were, this would not be the thing I would be doing. ‘Cause anyone else that’s tried to make a living on YouTube can attest, it’s not for the faint of heart. But it’s one that I enjoy because it means that I get to express ideas and findings that I have in my research and my interests with you. And those ideas that I share, that information leads to you making better decisions for the planet. Which means that overall we’re doing good for the world here. And if we can also save a little bit of money which is often the case ironically, then that’s all good. Then to me that is a worthwhile pursuit. So again, thank you to everyone that has helped me in this journey and supported in whatever way that has been possible for you. I’m gonna continue to do it. I’m still gonna be here. You’re still gonna get a new video each week. The topics may broaden a little bit but we’re still gonna be covering the big kind of major muscle groups from Tesla. Obviously any time a new car comes out or things like that. But when it comes to the more nitty-gritty, fine tooth details of it, I’ll probably skip all that. Because I think obviously there’s a lot of other people doing it and they’re doing a great job. So go check all them out. But I wanna focus on other ways. Because not everyone can spend a big chunk of money on a new car or those kind of things, right? So I wanna try to help as many people as I can and that means broadening the strategy for the content. So that’s it for this one. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you’re staying safe during this kind of insane time in our life. Stay tuned for more content coming soon on the channel. And as always don’t forget, when you free the data, your mind will follow. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you back here next time.