Will the GOP Tax Plan Kill the EV Tax Credit? Let’s Find Out

// SHORT – GOP Tax Plan Would Eliminate EV Tax Credit (Bloomberg)
– Favoring Oil and Gas companies
– EV Tax Credit Gone
– Solar Subsidies Rolled back

Six charts from NYT


What this means for you (Time)
– Depending on your situation, you’ll likely see a tax cut
– The wealthier and small business owners get the biggest cuts
– Will simplify filing taxes by increasing standard deduction

Do these tax breaks make up for the EV Tax credit?
– No, in no case that I found would the tax breaks make up for the 7,500 tax break
– Unless you’re making over 2M per year

BUT! Housing lobby vehemently opposed, so they may kill it (politico)
– Reduces the Mortgage Interest Deduction
– Also removes State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction

My take:
– It won’t hurt Tesla as much as Chevy and Nissan
– People will still buy Tesla’s, they’re just better

// Model 3 Delays (Teslarati)
– 1-3mo late
– 5K per week by end of March
– Still hoping to get mine this year
– Due to battery assembly line

// Elon at Gigafactory (instagram)
– In production hell, camped out on roof of Gigafactory

// Model 3 shipping w/o some parts (seats, displays) (Jalopnik)
– Makes sense
– Can’t confirm this, but have talked about this idea with friends at Tesla

// TelsaCon Updates (TeslaCon Website)
– Early Bird tickets this Thur
– Only for those on email list
– New speakers
– Extra day

// LONG – Tesla Earnings Recap (Teslarati)

From Teslarati:

– Surpassed 250,000 vehicles delivered since inception 
– Record Model S and Model X net orders and deliveries in Q3 2017
– About 100,000 Model S and X deliveries projected for 2017 
– Model 3 production steadily increasing 
– Cash balance of $3.5B entering Q4 2017
– 5yrs ago, only delivered 2,500 cars, 100x growth in 5yrs
– Market frustrated w/ Model 3 delays though

“Speed is the ultimate weapon” – Elon Musk

// Referral Program Secret Level 3 (Teslarati)
– Future date for Falcon Heavy Launch!
– Still looking to buy? Get a code here

// Erik puts supercharger in garage (Teslarati)
– So jealous
– Go check out his channel

// Tesla Truck Unveiling Nov 16th (Teslarati)
– Will be doing another meet up beforehand
– I’ll be publishing lots of videos about this
– This Friday my “What I hope to see video”

// Jealous and Cool! Doug Demuro Reviews Tesla Model 3 (Teslarati)
– Coolest car of 2017
– Go check out his channel