WOW! Controversy In Tesla Community and Elon’s Insane Travel Plans

// Thunderclap to Get Elon at Teslacon

// TeslaCon

// SHORT – Electrek Under Attack

More examples:
– CNET –

// Tesla Referral Program Updates

// LONG – SpaceX BFR rocket for city-to-city travel – YouTube

  • Using rockets for city-to-city travel
  • Get most places in the world in 30min, 1hr anywhere
  • Would fund the Mars mission

// HEART – Tesla Sends Powerwall Battery to Puerto Rico – Business Insider

  • Another great PR move
  • It’s a platform, these are just the products

// Tesla Battery in South Australia – Twitter

  • Elon made a bet to install the worlds largest battery in South Australia to fix their energy issues
  • If they couldn’t do it in 100 days it’s free
  • Here’s Elon today Instagram
  • Progress vid Teslarati

// California Fossil-Fuel Car Ban – Bloomberg

  • Just a thought Jerry Brown had
  • If China can do it why can’t we?
  • Would require massive subsidies
  • Totally likely in CA