Yep, Tesla Batteries Still Last Forever (Update)

It’s been a few months and we now have new data to help us analyze the life expectancy of a Tesla battery. Subscribe for these updates at

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The last time we looked at this data we had only a coule thousand samples to go from. In this study we look at nearly 200K charging sessions, 500K driving trips, and 2,600 vehicles.

To my knowledge this is the most exhaustive study on Tesla battery degradation using real-world data.

// Step 1: Collect the Data

I’ve partnered with Tezlab to perform this study. Their app provides Tesla owners health stats about their vehicles and lets them compete against other drivers in a fun way. Learn more at

// Step 2: Analyzing the Data

The data in the study was collected by sampling trip logs of vehicles in the fleet and comparing the original range versus their most recent range with the battery at 100%

This gives us the degradation, which when you subtract from 1, gives you the % remaining.

// Step 3: Presenting the Data

In the charts we created you can clearly see a pattern emerge showing retention rates in the upper 90% range for over 90% of the vehicles in the study.

This leads us to believe that the technology in the Tesla battery packs enables them to retain their charge for long after the owner of the vechile will sell it.

Of course, this was not a scientific study with a control group and is not representative of the entire population of the Tesla fleet. This is just one data geek’s attempt at understanding how reliable the battery pack in a Tesla is by analyzing the observations of real-world users.

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